Lucky James is privileged to welcome two outstanding musicians to form the latest incarnation of the High Rollers trio: Dan Seward on the upright bass and vocals, and Richard Inman on violin, guitar, and vocals. Both are experienced professionals, well versed in jazz, swing, blues, and roots music, and are delightful gentlemen as well! Stay tuned, more biographical information will be added soon....


Below are four trio recordings:

1) Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

2) Honeysuckle Rose - Fats Waller

3) Straighten Up And Fly Right - Nat King Cole

4) If I Only Had A Brain - Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg

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Richard Inman, J.P. Delanoye, and Dan Seward

Richard Inman, J.P. Delanoye, and Dan Seward